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TigerFlare CR123 · Replaceable CR123 Battery

All TigerFlares are equipped with 9 operational modes. The first 4 modes offer a standard rotation pattern plus either a quad pulse, single pulse, or alternating pulse modes frequently used by First Responders. For other applications, there are flash patterns that can function as a flashlight or as an emergency S-O-S beacon.

The operator cycles through from one mode to another by quickly depressing the on/off button which is flush to the surface and part of the TigerFlare shell. If you have any difficulty depressing the button, use your thumbnail or a set of keys.

To retain a preferred mode, simply depress the sequence button for approximately 3 seconds which further causes the TigerFlare to deactivate. When you reactivate it, the same sequence should be the default setting.

A choice of LED colours allows the user to select TigerFlares to match visibility conditions. During clear weather, red LEDs offers the best performance while fog and smoke conditions are best overcome by amber and blue LEDs. We offer dual-colour combinations of light emitting diodes that provide a solution for both.

TigerFlares are easily attached to any steel surface with their built-in magnet, or can be left on the road or on top of or under a safety cone.

TigerFlare CR123

  • What do I get with my new TigerFlare CR123?

    Your CR123 is ready to go out of the box as a standalone unit.

    Each TigerFlare CR123 is in a yellow shell with 16 LEDs in the colours specified: red or amber, or an 8 + 8 combination of red + amber or red + blue.

  • How do I replace the CR123 battery?

    TigerFlare CR123s can be taken apart with an ordinary flat screwdriver.

    After you remove the screws you will need to lightly pry apart the housing which is sealed from water. There are clips that align the top and bottom shells and can be used to pry the case open using your fingers.

    The CR123 battery has a black housing on it for alignment. Gently remove it to expose the battery and replace it.

    Be sure to realign the top and bottom shells to their original orientation and replace the screws.

TigerFlare Six Pack

  • What do I get with my new TigerFlare Six Pack?

    Your Six Pack includes a hard shell case containing 6 individual TigerFlares.

    Each TigerFlare is in an orange shell with 16 LEDs in the colours specified: red, amber, blue or an 8 + 8 combination of red + amber or red + blue.

    The hard shell case will charge your TigerFlares by plugging into either a standard wall outlet or the cigar lighter in your car.

  • How long does it take to fully charge a Six Pack?

    TigerFlare Six Packs will have a minimum factory charge when you receive them and should be fully charged before field use.

    Attach the case to either an AC or DC power source using the integral connectors for a period of 2 to 3 hours, or until the light on the charger unit turns from green to red.

  • Can I eventually replace the rechargeable lithium battery if I ever need to?

    It is not practical to do so as it is soldered into place.