Mossberg 935 Magnum Autoloader Review
Shotgun Reviews · Mossberg 935 Magnum Autoloader

Built from the rock-solid foundation of the Mossberg 835 pump action — the original 3-1/2” shotgun — the 935 is an impressive performer to say the least. Built to handle the hardest hitting 3” & 3-1/2” payloads — this is a shotgun that doesn’t hold back on features either. Just shoulder the 935 and you immediately appreciate the seamless integration of stock and forearm to receiver.

A receiver, it should be noted, that is painstakingly set at a perfect angle to generate instant eye-rib alignment for rapid target acquisition.

We have not tested this model, nor are we making any recommendations for or against it. We encourage our readers to fully research any equipment before purchasing and to consider this article only as a starting point in that research.

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