TigerFlare CR123

The lithium CR123 battery is replaced in less than a minute and lasts for 15 to 100 hours of continuous use.

The yellow shell looks great with either red or amber LEDs, or select a red + amber or red + blue combination of LEDs.

TigerFlare Six Pack

The Six Pack uses rechargeable lithium batteries that are fully charged in a few hours directly through their case and last for 9 to 60 hours of continuous use.

The orange shell looks great with red, amber or blue LEDs, or select a red + amber or red + blue combination of LEDs.

Smart Charge Case

The new Six Pack comes in a compact and sturdy case that charges the TigerFlares through a wall outlet or cigar lighter.

The redesigned case incorporates Smart Charging with individual monitoring of the TigerFlares to ensure they are ready for use in the field.
TigerFlare Six Pack Case

Introducing TigerFlares

For decades, perchlorate chemical flares were a common sight at the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident, the scene of a fire, or as demarcation for an emergency site.

Perchlorate is used in rockets and is extremely damaging to the environment. Handling chemical flares has resulted in damaged clothing and burns to the skin, while boxes of flares left in the trunks of cars have spontaneously ignited. At best, chemical flares leave behind a toxic mess that needs to be cleaned up at the end of a long shift.

Telematics Canada offers a clean and efficient electronic alternative that immediately saves money and improves your safety.

Two models are available: the TigerFlare CR123 and the TigerFlare Six Pack.

Both the CR123 and the Six Pack share similar specifications including a strong integral magnet for adherence to metal surfaces, water-resistant seals, 16 high-luminosity LEDs and a tough polycarbonate shell.

TigerFlares are manufactured to our specifications and sold directly to Military, Police and Fire Departments across North America and around the world.

Regardless of which model you choose, the cost is quickly recovered when compared to the purchase of disposable chemical flares and any potential liability to personnel and equipment that arises from misuse or poor storage practices.

What We Do

Jujora Distributors is a Canadian-based, family owned business operating under the philosophy of integrity and dependability.

Our goal is to distribute TigerFlare LED Emergency Lighting to our customers in the most consistent and efficient manner.

By selling directly to individuals and companies across North America and around the world, we hope to keep our prices far lower than competing technologies.

Having close ties to roadside service providers we are aware first hand of the importance of road safety and we understand the need for increasing visibility at the road side. For this reason, we are passionate about ensuring that our product gets out directly in the hands of our customers.

Our focus is to assist Military, Police, Fire departments, and Tow Truck operators with their specific needs.

We are dedicated to delivering high quality customer service and a great product.